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Skudai 81300 Day Tour

Posted on February 1st, 2019

Life's about understand more, Come join us in this Skudai day tour package ~


Skudai (also spelled as Sekudai) is a suburb in Iskandar PuteriJohor Bahru DistrictJohorMalaysia.

Get ready, so let us take you around to look for good foods & good historical views of here !


Suggested Itinerary of Skudai Day Tour (8 Hours)

Introductory & Transportation included, self-Expenses on entertainment & Meals .

  • 1300-Lunch :Depart to 

    • Diha Corner (Halal) ,or

    • Famous Duck stall (Non Halal)

  • 1400-Visit to

    • LEE Pineapple Factory ,or

    • ????????? Tzu-Chi Eco-Awareness Gallery      

  • 1530-Sutera mall

    • Shopping/The Library/Skating/Escape Room

  • 1730-Hutan Bandar Leisure.Relax & Photo time

  • 1900-Skudai local Pasar malam .Dinner

  • 2100-Back Hotel.Rest

Daily departure, Please book 24 hours before .

Tasteful Malay food(Halal)

Variety Malay foods is serve here, 

Click to know more about --Diha Corner 

Cozy Meal time under a Big tree(Non Halal)

The TeoChew braised duck, is good to serve with either rice, noodles or a bowl of Rice made Kuey Tiaw .Skudai people know very well of this DAJIAFA Duck Stall in 8 1/2mile Skudai.

The Stall is just under a big tree, Since 1973 till present.Come try the very traditional ~

Click to know more about DAJIAFA Duck Stall


Historical point to remember

Hasil carian imej untuk pineapple lee factory

Lee Pineapple was founded by Singaporean businessman Lee Kong Chian around 1938s++ here in 8 1/2mile,it witnessed and help the developement of Skudai in many .80% of Pineapple production export out from here, the most common packaging is in red canned with a 'LEE' logo on it .No add in Sugar, You'll thumbs up for it after try .

Click to know more about LEE Pineapple ~


Meaningful life start from E-Awareness

Hasil carian imej untuk Malaysia's first "Environment Protection Awareness Gallery
Hasil carian imej untuk ????保???? ?福??


Malaysia's first "Environment Protection Awareness Gallery" officially opened to the public .

Click to know more about this Awareness Gallery


Traditional coffee with handmade bun

Hasil carian imej untuk WEE HOI Kopitiam
Hasil carian imej untuk WEE HOI Kopitiam


Come this WEE HOI Kopitiam which runs their business more than 50 years to their 3rd generation now.The handmade bun start selling at 130pm, Those with luscious Braised pork are popular among villagers and tourists !The Charsao bun & Vegetable stuffed bun are also the signature here, Don't miss it !

Click to know more about WEE HOI Kopitiam & Handmade bun

Ps:If DAJIAFA Duck stall is not open ,This WEE HOI Kopitiam is in replace for the lunch  .


The Locally Leisure

??sutera mall?????????結??


The Sutera mall is a shopping mall combined with leisure, and don't be surprise when you see a Library in it. You can read a magazine or book there, if you want to take a short rest during your shopping .Well if you looking for something different, You can also find a small Skating rink there, and the Escape room where just nearby the library .


Leisure Evening

Hasil carian imej untuk hutan bandar mbip

Click to know more about Hutan Bandar !


The busy & happy night in Skudai

Hasil carian imej untuk bazaar
Hasil carian imej untuk gambar juadah berbuka puasa

Going to visit Skudai? Come visit at least one of a Pasar malam (Night market).In Skudai area every night has a Pasar malam at different places. It has a lot of Malaysian street food selection and fresh fruits & vegetables, Clothes, Crafts and also vendor selling some special item with cheaper price.

Click to know more about Pasar Malam. A list of Monday to Sunday Skudai Pasar malam you can check there .


Come Join in this SKUDAI 81300 Day Tour~


Transportation for 10-40 pax available. Rates upon request, let us know! (Starex/Van/Bus)

Let us know which vehicle you prefer, and we'll arrange for you.  (Self expenses on Entertainments & Meals)

Transport Info Click Here


  • Wearing Suggestion : Casual wear ,Sport shoes,water bottle, Cap, Umbrella .     

  • Daily departure, Please book 24 hours before .

Feel free to call us at : 

Skudai 81300 Day Tour, Validity is from 1st Jan ~31st Dec 2019. We reserve the rights on price amendment of the package and details .

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